14 April 2022

ICYMI: Portfolio 52's 2021 Deck of the Year

Congratulations to @Stockholm17 and @52plusjoker⁠!  

Watch the video in the post below to see a message from 52 Plus Joker president Lee Asher.


From the February 27th Instagram post by Portfolio 52:

The one you’ve all been waiting for… The final ‘Deck of the Year’ category of which our awards are named after wraps up the 2021 DOTY week long ceremony. This award recognizes the best overall deck that voters thought were the most noteworthy of the past year. These decks must shine not just in a single category, but through all of them from outside tuck to inside courts and everything in between.⁠

This year’s winners are noteworthy not just in their excellence in their art of playing cards, but also because it brought up something we honestly didn’t even think about occurring, a tie! That’s right, through all the thousands of votes, the decks for third place were so close that literally one vote would have shifted the stance. It goes to show that your voice does matter in these awards. Going forward we may figure out a way to do tie breakers and are certainly open to suggestions on what you guys think to do in these extremely rare events (rock paper scissors tournament? ultimate death match?), but for this year we decided to celebrate them both in all its serendipity! So without further ado this year’s winners…⁠

1) 52 Plus Joker 2021 by @Stockholm17 and @52plusjoker
2) Alice in Wonderland by @kingswildproject
3) Royales by @kingsncrooks
3) The Tale of Tempest by @thegentlemanwake⁠ and @oathpcc

First Place DOTY wins not only the title belt, but also several grand prizes from our amazing sponsors. @ShuffledInk is proud to offer 100 free printed decks. @CaratCaseCreations is thrilled to provide 2,500 custom printed DS1s. And finally, the biggest prize of all, coming from the internationally established @cartamundicards, the world’s largest playing card producer, comes an amazingly generous €5,000 print credit towards the winning team for their next project. We can’t wait to see the kind of awesomeness that comes from this new partnership!
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Outstanding! Thank you to @stockholm17 & @expertpcc for their hard work and efforts. And on behalf of @52plusjoker -- THANK YOU ALL for voting! 🙏❤😊



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