08 May 2022

Eric Leclerc Hangs Out With The Magic Guys

From the April 25th Facebook post by The Magic Guys:

Eric Leclerc Hangs Out With The Magic Guys LIVE! EP73

Eric Leclerc is the Magician you wish you had at your event.
He fooled Penn & Teller by the seat of his pants! He's featured on TV across Netflix, TRUtv & National Geographic. Not to mention his Youtube has over 10 Million views around the world where he completed the legendary 365 Magic Challenge!

The Podcast where Professional Magicians, Josh Norbido, Doug Conn & Jason Maher take on the important questions of life (Mainly from our youtube subscribers) and deliver answers from a Magicians point of view. Come hang out with us while we chat about our lives as Magicians and the ups and downs that go with it.




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