13 May 2022

Miranda Allen at the Glastonbury Festival [and a GoFundMe to help with retooling escape equipment for her wheelchair]

ICYMI, Miranda has a GoFundMe to help, in part, to retool Miranda's act such that she can perform her escapes while in a wheelchair.  More information about the GoFundMe at the bottom of this post.

If you want to know why Miranda is in a wheelchair, visit the April 29th Facebook post by Miranda Allen Entertainment.  And then drop her a note to tell her you're thinking about her.


From the April 28th Facebook post by Miranda Allen Entertainment:

Exciting news!  
I’ve agreed to one festival and one festival only this summer, and it’s a big one.
Sarah and I will be presenting Tianna & Lea at Glastonbury 2022!




From the April 26th Facebook post by Miranda Allen:



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