14 May 2022

London the Magnificent in Global News

From the May 13th article "Calgary teen keeps magic alive by reuniting with idols Penn and Teller" by Jill Croteau in Global News

London Jones has been performing magic since she was a little girl.

“It can be hard sometimes but with women in magic, the population is growing,” London said.

Her dad, Jeff Jones, said she may not know the gravity of her girl power.

“I think she’s too young to grasp the big picture of what she’s doing and how important what she’s doing could be for somebody else,” Jeff said.

It’s exactly what endeared her to the iconic magicians Penn and Teller. In 2017, when London was just nine years old, she met the duo backstage.

Penn Jillette invited her personally after she sent them a fan letter wondering: why there aren’t more girls doing magic?

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