07 October 2023

Dan McLean Jr interviewed by Jenna Melanson at Canadian Beats

From the October 5th article "DAN MCLEAN JR UNVEILS NEW SINGLE, “KISS ME ONCE” (INTERVIEW)" by Jenna Melanson at Canadian Beats:

I’ve been a musician for … wow … 45 years. I started out singing the hard rock that I loved from when I was a kid in the mid-70s. At some point, I started being drawn to great singers inside and outside of rock, and those singers still motivate me. Gino Vannelli, Daryl Hall, Mavis Staples, Paul Rogers, Sammy Hagar. There’s something transcendent about the sound of their voices and their emotional impact.

Fast-forwarding, I’d stopped singing for 15 years when suddenly I decided to start playing acoustic shows around Toronto. I just wanted to sing. I didn’t want to start another band or write songs. I just wanted to sing. After playing Soul covers in Toronto cafés and small clubs, mostly in Kensington & Parkdale, I decided to film a show to use as promotional material and booked a theatre. A day or two later, I called my old writing partner Dave Dunlop, and asked if we could try writing again. “Oh, by the way, Dave, I have a show in eight weeks and I need enough songs to fill the show”.

Over the next couple of years, we wrote a bunch of songs and I put together “Dan McLean Jr & Some Honey” with three really great backup singers. During lockdowns, we wrote a bunch more songs together online, and we drew on those two groups of songs for the album.

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 Listen to Dan's single "Kiss Me Once" at Dan's YouTube channel:



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