16 October 2023

Ryan Joyce interviews Doug Hunt ahead of Doug's Oct 21 attempt to retake the World Record

From the September 24th Instagram post by CAM:

WORLD RECORD HEIGHTS: In this Canadian Conjuror's Interview, we are chatting with Doug 'the Great' Hunt, a man who has been raising the bar for decades!

On October 21st, Doug will attempt to re-take the World Record, and in this interview, we discuss the challenges, benefits and strategies for planning a stunt of this scale (and height.)

Here are a few topics we'll cover:
- Media stunts and how they can skyrocket your presence in your community.
- The art of turning passion into powerful promotion, drawing from Doug's upcoming world-record attempt.
- Lessons and gems from decades of experience offer actionable advice for emerging and seasoned magicians.
- The undeniable importance of community in the magic world and the evolving role of magic clubs in our digital age.

From the importance of community and magic clubs in our ever-digital world to the art of crafting unforgettable media stunts, this 25-minute interview is packed with insights and stories that every magician, both aspiring and seasoned, will find invaluable.

Watch the full interview now at https://cammagic.org/post/doug-hunt-breaking-records










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