17 November 2023

Toronto: An intimate workshop with John Bannon [Dec 1]

From the November 9th Instagram post by IBM Ring 17:

Dealing With It: An Intimate Workshop with John Bannon

— ♣️♥️♠️♦️—

When: Friday December 1st, 7PM
Where: Agricola Lutheran Church - 25 Old York Mills Road
Tickets: $100

We are honored to be able to host an intimate workshop with John Bannon for a limited number of participants. If you are interested, please email the club to arrange payment: ibmring17@gmail.com 

It’s been said that all you need to perform card magic is a pass, a palm, and a top-change. That may have been good advice a century ago, but modern card magic requires a different mindset … and skillset. John Bannon will share his modern magical mindset in which construction is as important as sleights, and where how you think about a trick can make a real difference. Let’s take advantage of a broader, but easier skillset, for maximum effect. 

During the Workshop, we’ll look at a wide range of tricks whose common thread is that they use a regular deck and many are impromptu. There will be discussion on how certain tricks were put together and what tradeoffs were involved. John will also answer all questions, help with the few moves required, and talk about any topic or trick requested.

John hit the scene in the early 90s with the smash hit books, Impossibilia (1990) and Smoke & Mirrors (1992), followed by his best-selling trick Twisted Sisters (1993).  His book, Dear Mr. Fantasy (2005) is widely hailed as one of the best magic books of that decade. His collections High Caliber (2013), Destination Zero (2015), and Mentalissimo (2016), had enthusiastic receptions and quickly sold out.

Now in its seventh year, John’s cutting-edge column, “Dealing With It,” in Genii Magazine continues to highlight his streamlined, yet elegant card magic.  

John’s highly-acclaimed 2023 card trick collection, Very Hush-Hush, sold out in a matter of weeks.  Its second printing is underway.





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