18 March 2024

Canada's Got Talent: Getting to know Mark Clearview

On March 10th we shared with you that this season of Canada's Got Talent boasts nine Canadian magic acts. 

We are delighted to have the opportunity to do short interviews with some of the acts.  Kicking off the series is Mark Clearview!

You may already know that Mark:

We're delighted that Mark made time to answer our questions ahead of his appearance tomorrow on the premiere of the 2024 season of Canada's Got Talent!


Who inspires you that is not a magician?
Andy Kaufman. Most car salesmen. It's gotta be hard to sell cars.
What is your first memory of magic? 

I had the Wacky Wizard at my third birthday party. I don't remember it but I'm sure he was great. 4th birthday I had Mr. Oh (Owen Anderson) and I remember that a bit more. I've been doing magic since three, so longer than I can recall to memory. But many trips to Browser's Den Magic shop are cemented in my mind! Thanks Jeffs!

Who from the magic community inspires you?

At large? Penn & Teller, Mac King, Tom Mullica, The Amazing Jonathan. In my immediate community? Scott Hammell, Nick Wallace, Paige Thompson, my dad.

Was there anyone or anything instrumental to you becoming a magician?

Oh plenty! The book "Magic and Showmanship" changed some things for me. Derren Brown's "Notes from a Fellow Traveler" did a lot for my onstage persona. The aforementioned Browser's Den. Sorcerers Safari Magic camp. Couldn't of done anything without my mentor Scott Hammell. My father built my props. My mother supported me. She still does! She's actually typing this out for me. No don't write that. Stop it.

Mark Clearview

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Did you ever get discouraged and think about quitting magic?  
One time in 2020 the world ended for two long years. Before that I was a kid who was cranky and tired of it. Why didn't I quit? I can't. I've tried! This is an affliction and part of my chemical makeup. It's impossible to stop. Magic is all I know.

Do you have any tour or pre-show rituals you’d be willing to share with our readers?
I eat an entire bag of Funions.

Why is now the right time for you to be a part of Canada's Got Talent?
Because I wasn't on last season.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
If you give up, or stop following your dreams, I will find you and I will make you suffer.



Thank you Mark for making the time to answer our questions!  Break a leg on CGT!

Learn more about Mark at his website MarkClearview.com and follow him on Instagram and YouTube.

Canada's Got Talent premieres March 19th on CityTV.


Watch a sneak peek here:  



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