25 March 2024

Canada's Got Talent: Getting to know Vincenzo Ravina

Next in our series of short interviews with some of the magic acts listed in the March 5th Canada's Got Talent media release is Vincenzo Ravina!

You may already know that Vincenzo:

We're delighted that Vincenzo made time to answer our questions! 


Who inspires you that is not a magician?
I'm inspired by Wes Anderson, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Lemony Snicket, David Lynch, the Muppets, and Fiona Apple. And I'm inspired by TV shows like The Twilight Zone, LOST, and Taskmaster. I'm inspired by events like the theft of the Mona Lisa.
What is your first memory of magic? 

I'm not sure how old I would have been, but my earliest memories of magic are of a family friend making a coin vanish and reappear inside several small nesting boxes with rubber bands wrapped all around, and of my family regularly going to a restaurant in Halifax where a magician named Dave Moon would perform. He had a long, white beard, and wore purple robes and a tall pointy hat. I loved the feeling of watching his magic and I wanted to share that feeling with others.


Who from the magic community inspires you?

I am regularly inspired by the magicians in my local club, the Halifax Magic Club. They have made my work so much better with their feedback and ideas. 

In the broader magic community, there's too many... I love Charlie Caper, Penn & Teller, Zabrecky, Carisa Hendrix, Morgan & West, Ben Hart, Joshua Jay, Derek DelGaudio, Mac King, Piff the Magic Dragon, Andy at The Jerx, and the two big Davids (Copperfield and Blaine). I've learned something important from every single one of these folks and I'm definitely forgetting others.


Was there anyone or anything instrumental to you becoming a magician?

Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic was a treasure trove of knowledge which I'm still using today, and a subscription box service called Magic University started me off with a lot of props, which I used a lot when I was doing shows as a kid. 

Vincenzo Ravina

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Did you ever get discouraged and think about quitting magic?  
I think like a lot of magicians, I learned magic in my youth, and then at a certain point, I drifted away from it and didn't do magic for some years. I got tired of birthday parties and I started thinking magic was uncool in high school. I also got to thinking that magic couldn't be a career or creatively fulfilling, for some reason. So I focused on creative writing and journalism. But Rod Doiron, who was the president of the Halifax Magic Club at the time, reached out to me in 2009 and invited me to come to a meeting. I started going regularly and I got back into magic again. At first, as a hobby. And then I realized that pretty much anything I want to do creatively, I could do through magic. So I started going to open mics and developing new routines and material and got one of my pieces onto Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Since then I've been regularly performing my show, Actual Wizard, at different venues and theatres in Nova Scotia, and writing a new show every year for the Halifax Fringe Festival.

Do you have any tour or pre-show rituals you’d be willing to share with our readers?
A lot of magicians like to pack small and play big. Me, I pack pretty big. So the majority of my pre-show ritual is just setting up my tables, lights, sound, props, hanging strings from the ceiling, putting programmes on seats, checking and double-checking my lists, going over cues, greeting people as they arrive, etc. and then suddenly it's time to perform. I always feel like I'm planning a surprise party or wrapping a gift when I'm setting up my show. I'm excited to surprise people.

Those rare times when I have time between setting up and performing, I will think about Joshua Jay's pre-show mantras "Tonight is part of the process. Perform like it's the first time and the last time. Enjoy the show," and I will think about how appreciative and privileged I am that people have bought tickets and have taken time out of their lives to come see me.

Why is now the right time for you to be a part of Canada's Got Talent?
When I performed on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, I was basically going directly from open mics to onstage in Vegas in front of a huge audience and celebrities, so I was not entirely at ease. Now is the right time for me to be a part of Canada's Got Talent because I feel more comfortable with my character and my performance than I've ever felt. I created the piece that I brought to my audition at CGT four years ago and I've performed it in nearly every show I've done in that time. It has grown, changed, and evolved into what I think is a quite good piece of magic, so I was eager to share it with the judges, the live audience, and the rest of Canada.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
If you're in Nova Scotia or visiting, come out to one of my shows! I try to have one or two public shows every month and tickets are available at ActualWizard.ca



Thank you Vincenzo, for making the time to answer our questions!  Break a leg on CGT!

Learn more about Vincenzo at his website ActualWizard.ca and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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