15 April 2013

Broken wand: Greg Kramer

From the Montreal Gazette:
Greg Kramer has passed away. In addition to being a fine actor, an excellent director, and an award-nominated author of novels and  short stories, Kramer was also a magician of considerable expertise. He was hired as a consultant by the Stratford Festival to help create the special effects for their recent production of The Tempest starring Christopher Plummer as Prospero.

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From the CBC:
Montreal's close-knit theatre community is still reeling from the shock of losing Greg Kramer, the 51-year-old playwright, actor, director, songwriter and magician found dead in his apartment Monday — the very day rehearsals began at the Segal Centre for the last play he wrote.

Kramer performed on stages across Canada, the country he made home after leaving Britain in 1981 because of Margaret Thatcher's cuts to arts funding.  
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From the Globe and Mail:
Riding in on a skateboard as a juggling, fire-breathing Mustardseed in the 1987 Vancouver Playhouse production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Greg Kramer, a free-wheeling and sometimes outrageously multi-talented artist, tripped over his feet and cracked both ankles. He was so high on adrenalin that he carried on until the end of the show.

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[With appreciation to Phil Matlin for letting me know.]

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