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19 April 2013

Toronto: Red Nose District show

From the Red Nose District Facebook page:
Today (April  19)

The Red Nose District show was created to provide a space for new clowns, returning clowns and veteran clowns to create and hone new material in front of a supportive audience. The Red Nose District continues in the tradition of classic Toronto clown shows such as Space Night, Cirque du Poulet and Clown Chowder.

With hosts:
Desolita & Clarence!
(Nicole Ascroft & Sean Michael)

With special guests:
Paul Wildbaum
Carina Gaspar & Stephen La Frenie
Dana Fradkin
Wesley JB
Sketchy the Clown & Light Switch
Cerise Noir
Daniel Girard
Mitzi Reinsilber
Scarlet Black

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[via: Deborah Fallick]

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