09 April 2013

Ryan Pilling lecture at Magician Village

From the Magic Lecture Series Facebook page:
Until April 21st

MagicianVillage proudly presents our next "Magic Lecture Series" Backstage Access Member Exclusive Event with our very own Ryan Pilling!

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From Playing Big Magic's Facebook page:
I created a video magic lecture for members of the MagicianVillage which is live this week. (part of their once-a-month lecture series for just $25 bucks a year... good deal!) Here's one review:
"Just watched Ryan Pilling's lecture in the [members area]. Great lecture. Lots of good advice on scripting, improvisation, thinking about magic and making it your own. Concrete advice on taking a trick, deconstructing it and turning it into a workable, effect. As a mentalist, his prediction 'Suitcase of Wonders' effect is a common sense knock-out prediction (think Master Prediction System) that could save you anywhere from $1000 to $3000 dollars. And he gives you three different methods!"
- Christopher Faria
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Ryan is one of our generous sponsors, the mastermind behind Calgary's Magcial Arts Festival - WowFest and the author of Finding The Funny.

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