14 May 2016

Request: Benevolence of Magic

The following is from Dennis Schick, the editor at the International Brotherhood of Magician's magazine, The Linking Ring:
Dennis Schick, Assistant Editor of the IBM’s monthly magazine, The Linking Ring, has been writing a series of articles on the Benevolence of Magic since the December 2012 issue. To date, he has highlighted over forty giving-back projects and activities of individual magicians as well as groups and organizations. Many are various kinds of fund-raising; others are simple acts of bringing joy and laughter to people in need, such as orphan children or senior citizens. Projects so far range from Kevin Spencer’s Healing of Magic and Magicana’s Sharing Wonder, to Magicians Without Borders, Magic is Medicine, and Michael Finney’s Foundation. If you do or know of good examples of magic used for good causes, please contact Dennis at crylds [at] att [dot] net* as soon as possible. 

Alternately you may post examples of your magical good deeds in the comments below, and I'll be sure to e-mail Dennis directly!

* Email formatting by Canada's Magic to discourage e-mail harvesters.

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