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15 May 2016

Toronto: Mahdi Gilbert lecture

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Date & Time: Sunday June 5, 2016
Where: Browser's Den of Magic
Lecture Fee: $20.00
(Lecture Notes for Sale at lecture)
Mahdi Gilbert travels the four corners of the Earth sharing his life and his magic with people.

Now is your chance to witness the power of Mahdi in this exclusive whirlwind tour through his magic, his story and his soul.

You will follow a child born without hands as he discovers magic and develops his passion into the most remarkable sleight of hand man this world has ever seen.

Through the performance and thorough explanation of several pieces of magic,
you will learn how to:

 * Trust Yourself * Break the Rules * Transform your Liabilities into Assets *
*Charm and Disarm * Believe in the Impossible * Make Others Believe in the Impossible *

Read more and buy tickets.

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