13 April 2019

Announcements from Jeff P:

- A big thank you to: Robert & Scott Presswood, Andrew Woo, Jonah Babins, Chris Bruce, Chris Westfall, my longest magic friend Wij, David Barrett, and the infamous Charlie McBurney, for offering today's mini-classes

- Thanks to David Grosfield for being the day's official photographer
   [  facebook.com/david.grosfield ]

- Thank you to Elliot and the EJ Entertainment team for running the AV and tech.
   [ EJEntertainment.net ]

- Shout-out to attendee Joan Caesar, founder of the Canadian Association of Magicians and past International president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

- Pleased and honoured that Bernice Cooper and her son Jack have joined us this year.  A big round of applause for Bernice Cooper her family and for the memory of the late Len Cooper.

- Jeff's cousins from Montreal are here!  Welcome!

- Great to see Bobby Motta here today! 
   [ BobbyMotta.com ]

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