13 April 2019

Jeff P and John T with announcements:

- In the spirit of thinking of others we are donating on behalf of all you Bashers, $500.00 to the Hospital for Sick Kids Foundation.
   [ SickKidsFoundation.com ]


- Thank you to:

   - All of you kind folks who bought tickets have made this Bash possible again.

   - The Bash volunteers: Ahmed, Jon Sy, Roxanne Talbot, Nicole Lee, Cathy, Eric Simmatis, John Cardella, John Michalson, Lisa Close, Ava Close, Luiz Castro, John Morgan, Greg Hobor, Cam Dix, Mike Segal, Sandra Estrien, and Annie Pinsky.

   - Jeff Hinchliffe for (among many other things) making sure all of the talent is behind the stage at the right times.

   - Special thanks to John Talbot who somehow comes up with the time to help us put this day together.

   - Sincere appreciation to Ahmed our stage manager, and his two assistants Jon Sy and Luiz Castro!

   - Of course a thanks to the staff at the Montecassino!

   - Standing ovation for emcee Dick Joiner for making the day so much fun!

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