26 November 2021

SoMA Conversations: with Julie Eng, Kayla Drescher, and Mikayla Oz [Nov 28]

From the October 26th Facebook post by the Science of Magic Association:

Troubling gender and racial stereotypes persist in magic. What are they, what are their effects, and how are they perpetuated? How does the gender or race of a magician affect the reception of their performance? What can magicians do, both individually and collectively, to create a stronger, more inclusive magic community? 
A panel of experts, moderated by Alice Pailhès, will discuss these issues and take questions from a virtual audience. Panelists for this session will include:
- Kayla Drescher
- Julie Eng
- Mikayla Oz 
Register at https://forms.gle/EtsNNqHCwj1fPsXM6 to receive a link as the date approaches.
More details at https://scienceofmagicassoc.org/.



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