04 September 2023

Random thoughts about David Merry's "Switched at Death"

Read our interview with David where we learn about his:
- first memory of magic
- inspirations
- motivation for transitioning from live shows to television
- inspiration for the screenplay
- thoughts about scripting movies and live shows
- his next project

Last week, KOP and I had the good fortune of attending the premiere of "Switched at Death," David Merry's first feature film.

I always enjoy being in a movie theatre full of the creatives who made the film.  We eavesdropped a little on the conversation in the row behind us.  Not surprisingly, the cast member in question had only wonderful and glowing things to say about David! 


My thoughts:

  • The movie featured a talented cast (main characters were played by Alex KolankoMeeland NicolaJamie Sherman, and Lawrene Denkers).  We were particularly impressed with Jamie's portrayal of his character "Saul." 
  • The score was beautiful!  (Fifty-nine original pieces by Carlos Lopes.) 
  • Director of Photography was the talented Jason d'Souza, who some of you may know from his Noodle Boys days.  (This was also Jason's first feature film!)
  • If you're truly eagle-eyed, you'll catch David's cameo in the film!  (Sadly, we missed it.)
  • The script has beat after beat of solid David Merry comedy!  (Don't laugh too loud or you might miss the next joke!)
  • The plot kept us guessing right up until the very end!  (Well done David, Marty Putz, and Cathy Merry!)
  • All in all, KOP and I were very impressed with David's first feature film!

Congratulations to David and the cast and crew of "Switched at Death" for their creation of a very entertaining film!

And congratulations to David on his postshow announcement that he has been green lit for his next film "The Cage!"




Disclosure:  KOP and I were guests at this show. The opinions expressed above are entirely my own. I did not receive compensation for the writing or the publishing of this article.










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