02 September 2023

Toronto: There's magic at Buskerfest 2023 [Sep 1 - 4]

From the Toronto International Buskerfest for Epilepsy website:

The Charming Jay

Circle Act

A character who likes classic magic and eccentric jazz. He is a meek magician with extraordinary ability. But every time he tries to perform a trick, he fails. If he then tries to cover up his mistake, another nonsense happens to him.

 On closer inspection, the audience realizes that this is not a casual magician, but rather a clown who seems to have sprung from the silent film era.


Buster Canfield's Circus of Industrious Fleas!

Circle Act  

Prepare to be spellbound by Eldritch Theatre’s astonishing presentation: “A Big Show in Miniature!” Delve into a world of death-defying feats and breathtaking wonder, all brought to life by an extraordinary ensemble of highly skilled fleas. Yes, you read that right – these tiny performers will astound you with their daring displays of dangerous acts!

Eldritch Theatre has crafted a spectacle that defies imagination, where the tiniest stars shine the brightest.


Magic Man

Tent Show

Magic Man is an experienced international magician, known for his versatility in the illusion field. He performs interactive, mind-shakingly, brilliant sleight of hand, spiced with pure comedy genius. From the Rolling Stones to U2, Magic Man has entertained the finest! He has represented South Africa at the Edinburgh Festival and has headlined across four continents. 

Spencer Scurr

Tent Show

Spencer Scurr, the Daredevil Magician, has performed in some bizarre places, from the middle of the desert to the ocean floor. His adventures have led him to a realization: magic is more exciting when you mix in a bit of risk!

Ropes are cooler when they’re on fire, and card tricks are more thrilling when the cards are in a rusty animal trap.

Spencer’s daring feats are sure to leave everyone with an unforgettable story to tell.


Victor Rubilar

Circle Act

Soccer is a universal language that everybody can share. With the classy style of the 1920s, plenty of dance, magic, humour, and impressive skills Victor creates a party on stage.

Victor Rubilar has toured the world with over 2000 shows in 51 countries. He has gotten nothing less than 25 awards internationally and he has successfully broken 5 Guinness World Records.

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