09 December 2023

Yannick Lacroix: Inspirational Canadian Magician

Sixth in this year's Inspirational Canadian Magician Showcase, is Yannick Lacroix!

Yannick Lacroix: Inspirational Canadian Magician

Yannick Lacroix: Inspirational Canadian Magician.

After the unfortunate closing of both magic shops in Montreal during the Pandemic, Yannick decided to keep his magic school open and opened a new location in Montreal. Not only is he teaching magic almost every single day over there but he made sure that his location could be used for the magic club meetings and the lecture organised by the Montreal Magic Jam. He is really helping to keep the magic alive in Montreal.

Submitted by Mystery Magician

Watch Yannick perform with Marc Trudel and Michel Huot on the November 30th upload on the  France's Got Talent YouTube channel:

Listen to Michael Dardant interview Yannick and the rest of The Montreal Trio on the August 15th, 2023 edition of Something Up My Sleeve S02E8.


Congratulations Yannick!  Keep up the great work!

To learn more about Yannick Lacroix, visit his website at MagieStrale.com.  


Thank you to our anonymous Mystery Magician, for your excellent submission!

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