05 November 2022

A peek behind the curtain with Alex McAleer [2022]

A peek behind the curtain with Alex McAleer 

This is the fourth of a series of interviews leading up to the Champions of Magic Worldwide Wonder Tour shows in Markham [Nov 30 - Dec 1], Kitchener [Dec 2 - 3], and Peterborough [Dec 9].    

Canadian tour to start April 2023!

Read our 2021 interview where Alex shares:
- how he dealt with The Great Pause
- how COVID impacted his set
- his comfort binge
- about touring in Mexico during a pandemic
- his go-to Karaoke song
What is your favourite thing about going on tour with Champions of Magic?
It’s always great to get the band back together and hit the road again - there’s never a dull day. I mean, I sometimes wish there was a dull day.

What is your most important self-care practice while on tour?
Trying to remember to eat well and exercise but then rewarding yourself with a vast amount of vegan junk food and wine.   

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about performing in Canada?
That time we were in Saskatoon in January and I thought it would be a good idea to walk to the venue. A piece of me died that day. It broke off and I could never find it.

[Editor's note: Rookie mistake.  We'll let you know if anyone in the province finds it.  Be sure to leave us a forwarding address.]
What is your favourite part of the 2022 Champions of Magic show to perform?
I have a new act in the show that I’ve been working on for a long time; it’s gone though various incarnations but its got some really exciting and different moments of magic in it, and what’s really fun is an audience member is doing it all.

What is your favourite part of the 2022 Champions of Magic show to watch?  
In the first half of the show we are all on stage together, and that's a fun moment to watch the rest of the cast do their thing. Like Strange forgetting his lines or almost injuring himself.
What about the 2022 show would "2012 you" find unbelievable to imagine as your current reality?
Probably the amount of grey hairs that are appearing in both my head and facial hair.

Kelly and Dave help out Alex McAleer. 
Photo credit: William Balfour, Spectra Experiences. Oshawa 2019.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Canadians eat more mac 'n' cheese, specifically Kraft macaroni and cheese, than any other nation.

[Editor's note:  Tru dat!  According to the Daily Hive "Kraft Dinner has deep roots in Canada. A representative for Kraft Canada tells Daily Hive that the patent for a packaged and processed cheese product was invented by Ontario native James Lewis Kraft in 1916."  And according to Wikipedia "The brand is popular with Canadians, who consume 55% more boxes per capita than Americans."  And now we've got that Barenaked Ladies song stuck in our heads.]

Thank you Alex, for making the time to answer our questions!

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