05 November 2022

A peek behind the curtain with Richard Young [2022]

A peek behind the curtain with Richard Young border= 

This is the first of a series of interviews leading up to the Champions of Magic Worldwide Wonder Tour shows in Markham [Nov 30 - Dec 1], Kitchener [Dec 2 - 3], and Peterborough [Dec 9].    

Canadian tour to start April 2023



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What is your favourite thing about going on tour with Champions of Magic?

Other than the never ending supply of Bird scooters across North America, it has to be seeing the relentless progress the show makes. It’s never finished and we all keep working and working and working at making it better and better. I think people across Canada will be surprised how much it has changed since we were last there in early 2020.


Richard enjoying a ride on a Bird scooter

Richard enjoying a ride on a Bird scooter

What is your most important self-care practice while on tour?
I think we all struggle with this in different ways to be honest. It’s really hard to take care of yourself on the road, although our tour buses and hotels are pretty swanky these days I think we all suffer from sleep deprivation to an extent. The crew which has grown significantly since we were last in Canada work extremely hard making this huge show work every night. We are up to 3 trucks now, last time we were in Canada I think we only had one. 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about performing in Canada?
Poutine!! You still have that right? They didn’t get rid of that during COVID or anything!?

[Editor's note:  Not to fear, poutine's still here!]
What is your favourite part of the 2022 Champions of Magic show to perform?
I won’t spoil anything too much but since we were last in Canada there’s a new sequence in the show where Young & Strange perform an illusion with Fernando Velasco. We are such great friends off stage and now we are starting to be able to relax with the routine (after many disasters with it in the early days) I think you’ll be able to tell we really enjoy sharing the stage with him for those few moments. 
Fernando on stage with Young and Strange

Fernando on stage with Young and Strange

What is your favourite part of the 2022 Champions of Magic show to watch?  
I’m really enjoying watching our new co-star Hollie England finding her way. She had a really tough job coming into the show when the other 3 acts have been here for so many years and have such established ‘Champions’ suiting acts. She gets better and better every night. 

What about the 2022 show would "2012 you" find unbelievable to imagine as your current reality?
I think the frequency with which we are able to perform now. The pandemic obviously set us back but we are now by far the worlds busiest ‘touring’ magic show from a schedule on the road perspective with the most dates coming up. When we started it was so hard to get stage time which is the only way you get good, now we are able to tweak and play almost every day.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
We have some really loyal friends in Canada who come back to see Champions time and time again, we can’t wait to get back there in December and show you all the new things! See you there!


Thank you Richard, for making the time to answer our questions!

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