05 November 2022

A peek behind the curtain with Hollie England [2022]

A peek behind the curtain with Hollie England 

This is the third of a series of interviews leading up to the Champions of Magic Worldwide Wonder Tour shows in Markham [Nov 30 - Dec 1], Kitchener [Dec 2 - 3], and Peterborough [Dec 9].

Canadian tour to start April 2023!

Read our 2021 interview where Hollie shares:
- her first memory of magic
- who inspires her
- how she dealt with The Great Pause
- how COVID impacted his set
- her comfort binge
- her go-to Karaoke song
What is your favourite thing about going on tour with Champions of Magic?

I love when theatres display some of the famous performers who have played there in the past. It is crazy to think that they stood on the very same stage as us and got ready in the very same dressing rooms.



What is your most important self-care practice while on tour?
Getting a tea from the tour bus/ hotel or venue and taking a solo morning walk in whatever city we are in at the time. Just getting some fresh air, sunlight and alone time can make a difference when our work is always inside dark theatres surrounded by people.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about performing in Canada?
The first time I performed in Canada was by Niagara Falls so I automatically think of beautiful views but always being very cold! I have been back to perform and direct there many times though so it just shows how much Canada loves and embraces entertainment.
What is your favourite part of the 2022 Champions of Magic show to perform?
Probably the part where I get to have my very own tea party onstage...

What is your favourite part of the 2022 Champions of Magic show to watch?  
The energy and chaos runs all the way backstage during the finale -- I hope no-one ever switches the rest of our microphones on during that act because we are all singing along full belt!
What about the 2022 show would "2012 you" find unbelievable to imagine as your current reality?
Er... "2012 me" wouldn't have even believed that I was a magician! She was still dancing, singing and performing as the magical assistant.

Thank you Hollie, for making the time to answer our questions!

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