05 November 2022

A peek behind the curtain with Fernando Velasco [2022]

A peek behind the curtain with Fernando Velasco 

This is the second of a series of interviews leading up to the Champions of Magic Worldwide Wonder Tour shows in Markham [Nov 30 - Dec 1], Kitchener [Dec 2 - 3], and Peterborough [Dec 9].   

Canadian tour to start April 2023


Read our 2021 interview where Fernando shares:
- how he dealt with The Great Pause
- how COVID impacted his set
- his comfort binge
- about touring in Mexico during a pandemic
- his go-to Karaoke song
What is your favourite thing about going on tour with Champions of Magic?

Two things, the first; Being able to perform with such high  production value  like the one Champions of Magic offers.  I love the pyrotechnics at times is like a war zone on stage.
And the second is riding birdies (Electric scooters)  across the world with my friend Young, they are the best way to see each city and we both love them, brings joy to our days.


Fernando Velasco in danger.
Photo credit: William Balfour, Spectra Experiences. Oshawa 2019.


What is your most important self-care practice while on tour?
Finding the time to decompress on my own. It allows me to then bring the best of me for people.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about performing in Canada?
I think about how cold it can get, and I hope not to freeze.

I know this sounds like an  exaggeration  but I’m Mexican and I live in LA, I don’t do well with the cold.

[Editor's note:  No worries.  We're not fans of the cold either, and we were born here!]

What is your favourite part of the 2022 Champions of Magic show to perform?
My favorite part to perform  is when all 5 of us are on stage together sharing the stories of how we got into magic. It allows me to get really personal with the audience and share a beautiful piece of magic.    
What is your favourite part of the 2022 Champions of Magic show to watch?  
My favorite part to watch is the finale of the show when my friends Young & Strange go to town with their spectacular Vegas montage. It is a real WOW, full of energy and pyro, also  I just love to scream “VEGAS!!” From the wing.
What about the 2022 show would "2012 you" find unbelievable to imagine as your current reality?
The collaborative pieces we do together on the show, and the best part is.. they are only getting better and better, also bigger. 


Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Can’t wait to be back in Canada, if you’ve seen us in Canada before the show has changed a lot, it will feel like a brand new show.  I'm sure you guys will really enjoy it.


Thank you Fernando, for making the time to answer our questions!

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