20 May 2023

Shawn Farquhar special guest at TRICS 2023 [Nov 2 - 4]

From the March 31st Facebook post by TRICS:

Final TRICS Talent Announcement!
This time our Guest of Honor. He is a 2 time FISM winner and a great guy. He supported TRICS back when we were just getting started and has allows been a good friend.
I'm so Happy to announce Shawn Farquhar as this year's Guest of Honor.
This year's line-up is now complete!
Shawn Farquhar
Eric Jones
Danny Garcia
Jon Allen
Jon Armstrong
Kayla Drescher
Blake Vogt
David Jonathon
If there has been a better line-up at a small convention, I have never seen it. If you haven't registered, please do so now at www.tricsconvention.com !
Thank you all for he many years of support! See you in November.






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