06 May 2023

Vincenzo Ravina in SaltWire

From the April 28th article "Fun childhood experience unlocked Vincenzo Ravina's inner wizard" by Katy Jean at SaltWire:

Though many questions could be asked of someone who has a career in wizardry, asking how he became one seemed of most importance.

“When I was a kid my family and I loved going to this restaurant downtown that had a guy named Dave Moon and he would go around table to table doing magic. And he wore this long flowing purple moon and star robes and he had a long white beard,” Ravina said of a childhood experience that would unlock a lifelong interest.

“I loved seeing magic and being left in a state of mystery. I wanted to learn how to do that and share it with other people.”

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From the May 1st upload "Vincenzo Ravina: Actual Wizard" at the SaltWire YouTube channel:

SaltWire's Katy Jean has a wish fulfilled by wizard and magician Vincenzo Ravina.
Ravina shares his story of becoming a career wizard and his experiences in the magician industry.






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