01 May 2023

Canada's Got Talent: Checking in with Atsushi Ono

Last week we learned that Atsushi Ono advanced to the Canada's Got Talent semi-finals!

Semi-finalist Atsushi Ono

Semi-finalist Atsushi Ono
source: @CanGotTalent


We had the opportunity to check in with Atsushi ahead of his appearance on the Canada's Got Talent semi-finals tomorrow.   He very kindly to answered the questions below.

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When you first learned you made it to the semi-finals, was your first impulse to add complexity to your semi-final performance?  Or was it to simplify?  Will you be honouring that impulse or did you change your mind

When I first learned that, I was in all emotions like surprise, relief, grateful. However, I didn't actually have any specific plan for the semi-finals as I gave everything I had to the audition lol, so nothing changed my mind but I started working on it right away! 

 - Watch Atsushi's audition video "MAGICIAN Atsushi Ono’s Audition FREAKS OUT Kardinal"

 - Listen to Jacob Elyachar interview Atsushi Ono on the April 6th episode "Canada's Got Talent: Season Two Special #4: Atsushi Ono" of his podcast "Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar" 

Will you be performing something from your regular repertoire or have you created something new for the competition?

I have created something new so I’m very excited and nervous to see how people will react to it!

Will you give it everything you’ve got or will you hold something special back for the finals?

Yes! Of course I will give it everything I've got as always!   :) 

Who is on your team of advisors for your progression to the next round(s) at Canada’s Got Talent? 

My friend Kevin Rusli has been helping me since the beginning in every way, and the feedback from the team at CGT has also been very helpful.

What will it mean to you to advance to the CGT finals?
It means a lot but it would also give me more opportunities to deliver my message.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers of Canada’s Magic? 

I hope you will enjoy my act and always appreciate it if you could sending me your thoughts and feedback! Thank you for your time.  :)


Thank you Atsushi, for making the time to answer our questions!  Break a leg on the CGT semi-finals!

Learn more about Atsushi at his website AtsushiOno.com and follow him on Instagram.

Watch Atsuhi's performance at the Canada's Got Talent semi-finals May 2nd on CityTV. 








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