22 December 2023

Winner of tickets to see "Champions of Magic" on December 30th, 2023

The contest to win tickets to attend see Champions of Magic at Meridian Hall is closed.  Thank you to everyone who played! 

Champions of Magic in Toronto

Prepare to be enchanted this holiday season with Champions of Magic. Brace yourself, for a heart-pounding escape from Houdini's legendary water torture cell, predictions that will leave you questioning reality itself, and gravity-defying levitation acts that will have you floating high above the stage in pure amazement. And when you think you've seen it all, the grand finale will defy explanation leaving you in sheer disbelief!

Toronto don't miss this chance to witness the extraordinary and become part of the magic phenomenon as of December 27!

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Their run started on December 27th and is extended to the 31st.  If you didn't win you can purchase tickets at TicketMaster.

There were some fabulous favourite magic effect submitted, including:

  • The Asher Twist, performed by its creator for over 30 years!  (Hi Lee!)
  • Hopping Half, a favourite for over 35 years
  • Card to Wallet, a staple for years
  • Twenty-one card trick
  • My monopoly bills across routine where at the end i cut their signed bill out of a lemon, for over 5 years
  • Three Card Monte, for 15 years
  •  News Of The World, over 10 years and
  • Chicago Opener for 3 years



The winner has been notified and prize has been distributed.  Rafflecopter only contains information from the winning entry.

Congratulations to our winners!  We hope you enjoy the show!

With thanks to Starvox Entertainment for generously making these tickets available to you!

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