31 May 2024

Browser's Bash: Getting to know Jeff Hinchliffe

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The 2024 Browser's Bash is on Saturday, July 13, 2024!

We are pleased to have the opportunity to do short interviews with some of this year's performers.  Next in the series is Jeff Hinchliffe!


You may already know that Jeff:

We're delighted that Jeff made time to answer our questions ahead of this year's Bash!


Who inspires you that is not a magician?
I find inspiration more in ideas than in people. So I'll read philosophy, science, art, history and look for inspiration there.
What is your first memory of magic? 

My first memory of magic is my dad dressing up as a magician for my 5th or 6th birthday party, and trying to perform a bunch of tricks from a magic set. I distinctly remember one kid heckling my dad quite well.

Who from the magic community inspires you?

Honestly, not one person in particular. But when I see young magicians starting to really develop their magic, and when I see younger guys that are making a go of it, performing public shows, it helps rekindle that early passion and love.

Was there anyone or anything instrumental to you becoming a magician?

I bought a Svengali deck from the booth that Browser's used to operate at Wonderland in 1996. I got my wooden nickel for a free trick from the shop at Bathurst & Eglinton. I took in my nickel, got my free trick, and my life was changed forever.

Jeff Hinchliffe

'Young' Jeff

Did you ever get discouraged and think about quitting magic?  
I didn't just get discouraged, I did quit magic for 5 years. I came back in 2017. What encouraged me to come back was living in the real world for 5 years lol.

Do you have any tour or pre-show rituals you’d be willing to share with our readers?
I personally do not have any pre-show rituals.

What are you most looking forward to about participating in the 2024 Browser's Bash?
Being on the stage and performing again (my last performance on the Bash stage was at the 1st Browser's Bash).

  Do you have a favourite Browser's Bash memory?  

My favourite memory is when Michael Ammar and Eugene Burger told us that the Bash was unlike any other convention they had attended. They could feel the difference in the room.  



Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Get ready, the next few weeks are gonna fly by!



Thank you Jeff for making the time to answer our questions!  We look forward to seeing you at this year's Bash!

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Visit the Browser's Den of Magic website to buy your ticket and learn more about this year's Bash!  See you on Saturday, July 13, 2024!




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