14 May 2024

Watch party and how to vote for Mark Clearview during tonight's Canada's Got Talent finale

Read our March interview with Mark, Canada's Got Talent: Getting to know Mark Clearview.  


From the May 13th Instagram post by Mark Clearview:

I will Live Stream the entire live process of being in the Canada's Got Talent Finale 🇨🇦🙏🍾 the goal is to have watch parties around the world come together to #VOTEFORCLEARVIEW and secure the One Million Dollar grand prize 💵🏆

So arrange a watch party and post a "clear view" of your television or laptop so I can repost your watch party!!!

I love you all let's do this thing!
#cgt @cangottalent @city_tv




From the May 12th Facebook post by Mark Clearview:

Please share. Please vote.
Voting opens from 8pm-9:30pm EST on May 14th and you get 3 votes per email address.
This will change my life ❤












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