09 May 2024

Random thoughts about "Alex McAleer - Mind Reader"

There's still time to see Alex McAleer - Mind Reader in Toronto!  The show closes May 12th. 


Last Sunday, Kidlet and I made the trek to Toronto's Lighthouse Immersive ArtSpace

  • This was our first experience at this venue.
  • For Alex's show, you enter through the Queen's Quay entrance.  (Ignore the sign that suggests you use the Yonge Street entrance.)
  • The performance space is half a flight of stairs up from street level, and one flight of stairs up from the entrance.  Contact the venue if you require accommodations.
  • The show is about an hour and fifteen minutes, with no intermission.
  • While there is nothing inappropriate for young children in the show, because it is a mentalism performance, it is recommended for audience members who are at least 12 years of age. 
  • His book This Book Will Read Your Mind is available for purchase at the venue.  (You may have to ask the staff about it... the display was not obvious to us when we were there.)



On with the show...

  • The performance space is intimate, capable of seating approximately 100 people.
  • It is general admission seating.  If sitting at the front is important to you, arrive early.
  • Unless you are short and there's a tall person sitting in front of you, there are no bad seats in the house.  (The seating is NOT raked.  All the chairs are on the same level.  The stage is raised.)
  • The show is highly interactive.  We counted about 10 volunteers in addition to multiple whole audience activities. 
  • The audience was completely baffled time and again.  It genuinely appeared that minds were being read!
  • Exclamations such as "How'd he do that?", "That's not possible!", and "How could that even be done?" were frequently heard in the audience.
  • Alex has a commanding stage presence, well honed audience management skills, and extraordinary technical abilities!  (The impressiveness of his technical abilities was reinforced to us after we attended his lecture earlier this week and learned more about the processes involved!)
  • Add to the above that Alex clearly put a lot of thought into his underlying motivation for the different aspects of his performance.  We especially enjoyed his delightful storytelling!  (The imaginary friend segment he teased in his interview was very creatively satisfying.)
  • Kidlet and I recognized one segment from the Champions of Magic show we saw in 2022, but the rest of the show was new to us.  He expertly scaled his large stage performance to this cozy venue, where it was even more impressive.
  • Alex's warm, witty, and inviting personality, coupled with getting to know copious audience volunteers, made it feel like we were having a fantastic time with friends! 



We didn't want it to end.




Alex McAleer - Mind Reader closes May 12th.   





Alex McAleer

Alex McAleer (right)



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