10 May 2024

ICYMI: Mark Clearview on the Canada's Got Talent semi-finals, BTS, and a message from Mark

But not in that order.  First up, a message from Mark.

From the May 8th Facebook post by Mark Clearview:

I want to thank my dad. I want to thank all of you...

Last night I made history and got a Golden Buzzer in the elimination round from Howie Mandel himself (an inspiration to this Canadian boy). I'm moving on to the finals of Canada's Got Talent.

Simply put: I'd like to take home the win for my father.

Please help me do that by sharing this to directly to 3-5 people and asking them to vote for me. YOU CAN VOTE ON MAY 14TH BETWEEN 8:00PM EST - 9:30PM EST while the episode airs. YOU GET 3 VOTES PER EMAIL ACCOUNT and you can do so here:

More to come on May 14th... Your support means the world.


From the May 4th upload "This Has NEVER Happened Before | Howie BREAKS THE GOLDEN RULES for Mark Clearview" at the Canada's Got Talent YouTube channel

Howie breaks all the rules for Mark Clearview! Sending him straight through to the Finale with a Golden Buzzer + $25,000 from CIBC!



From the May 7th Facebook post by Canada's Got Talent:

DOUBLE PLOT TWIST! Howie went rogue and provided a second Golden Buzzer Eliminations surprise! Catch up with a stunned Mark Clearview and Howie Mandel backstage in Golden Moments brought to you by CIBC!




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